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snowball Co.



We just love Snowballs!

Snowballs have been around the Baltimore, MD area for 100 years. Getting a Snowball with that creamy marshmallow topping was our fun, family tradition and now we are bringing them to the Outer Banks. We have over 50 syrup choices, all homemade with pride and we serve locally made ice cream.  An Inexpensive, refreshing treat that will keep your family coming back year after year for a taste of the northeast! 
-The Dinklewolf's


What is a snowball you ask...

It's what's on the inside that counts

A Snowball is a delicious type of shaved ice. This frozen treat is made of precision shaved filtered ice, covered with your choice of homemade flavored syrups. Snowballs have a light, fluffy texture with a unique crunch to them. Our one of a kind ice shaver shaves the ice in a unique way so it doesn't melt as fast and the syrups stay on the ice instead of traveling to the bottom of the cup. They are made to order and worth the wait. Try your Snowball STUFFED with ice cream, candy or any of our delicious toppings like homemade Marshmallow Cream, Hawaiian Cream, Caramel or Chocolate. We have many Sugar Free or Dye Free options.

We love living on the beautiful beaches of the Outer Banks and want our guests to feel swept away to the Islands when they walk through our doors and up to our traditional Tiki Bar to order. You'll find a life size chalkboard for kids and adults to draw, have fun and leave messages for us while waiting for your treats. Our family has so much fun making our delicious concoctions and we always welcome suggestions of new flavors. Feel free to email us at or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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