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Birthdays ~ Weddings ~ Private Parties ~ Fundraisers ~ Corporate Events & More

Try something unique and different for your next event. We come to you with everything you need for a cool, fun time. We guarantee it will be a hit. Our catering is available all year and a sample standard birthday package is below. We are happy to customize a package just for you. Staying in a vacation house for the week and want to surprise the kids one evening, no problem, we can make it happen! Indoors or Outdoors. We handle both large and small events.

Ice Cream Flavors
snowballs, ice cream, or both!


We look forward to being part of your memorable event.
-Island Snowball Company

Standard Ice Cream Package

 2 hours of Ice Cream
1-2 Staff Members
1-2 Flavors of your choice*
Napkins, Spoons and 1-scoop bowls
Set up/clean up included 
We provide the equipment: Cooler, Utensils, Tables, Linens and Tent (if needed)
We arrive 30 minutes before event start time

Standard Snowball Package

Unlimited Snowballs for 2 hours 
1-2 Staff Members
4-6 Flavors of your choice*
Napkins, Spoons and 8oz Cups
Set up/clean up included 
We provide the equipment: Ice shaver, Tables, Linens and Tent (if needed)
We arrive 30 minutes before event start time

Weddings & Large Events

We can also accommodate larger parties, weddings and events
Many other options available. Don't hesitate to ask!
*price may vary on expected number of attendees./type of event
*these prices exclude taxes, gratuity, and travel fees
*additional flavors, diet flavors, and toppings are extra.

Fundraising & Community Events

We love to host unique fundraising events, where we share a portion of our proceeds

with a charity, school or group organization. We always like to give back to our 


Need a quote? Call us at 410-310-3444 or 252-255-1598 or speed the process by copy and pasting this questionnaire to an e-mail: and fill in your answers for a quick quote of your special event:

Contact Name:
Contact Information:
Type of Event:
Date of Event:
Event Location:
Event Start and Conclusion Time:
Event Start Time for Island Snowball Company (we require about a 30min set-up):
Event Conclusion Time for Island Snowball Company:
Number of Attendees:  
Snowballs and/or Ice Cream:
If Snowballs, Flavor Choices- choose up to 6 flavors (can be found here) additional flavors are $15 more per gallon. Diets are $5 extra): 
If Ice Cream, Choose up to 2 flavors (can request more for additional $50 charge per 3-gallon container):
Toppings (optional for snowballs and ice cream. $10 each bottle/container. Also found on flavors page): 
Alcohol served in snowballs (yes or no):
If  yes, will alcohol be already provided or if we need to purchase, please specify:


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Ice Cream Scoops
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